How to Have Real Confidence

How to Have Real Confidence

1/2 Day Course with Kadam Birgit Saunders
27 October, 2024
TIME: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm


Are you excessively self-critical? Do you find yourself seeking perfection in all that you do? Our inflated self-image takes a lot to keep up and to manage.

Real confidence has humility and isn’t based on our own importance. We accept ourself as we are — from that we can make progress towards a more, happy self.  We may think of humility as putting ourself down, but in reality, this is not humility.  Humility is more about respecting others and appreciating everyone. This view brings a sense of balance and happiness.

On this course we will learn how to develop and maintain real self-confidence through meditation and putting Buddha’s teachings into practice in our daily life.


Whanganui (19 Taupo Quay – Riverside entrance)

Resident Teacher, Birgit Saunders

Kadam Birgit Saunders
Resident Teacher

Kadam Birgit Saunders has been a student of Kadampa Buddhism since arriving in New Zealand over twelve years ago. Birgit began teaching with Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington where she was also Administrative Director (AD) for three years. Since moving to Palmerston North in 2016 she worked closely with Gen Kelsang Demo as the Education Programme Coordinator (EPC) and teaching classes in Dannevirke, Feilding, at the Cancer Society and Massey University, while also working at the Cancer Society.

Birgit was appointed as Resident Teacher of the Amitabha Centre at the beginning of 2020. She brings sincerity, bubbly enthusiasm and kindness to her teachings. She is always looking for ways to make Dharma practical, relevant and meaningful so that students are able to see how to use Dharma and meditation to make a positive changes in their lives.